Why Choose Us as Your Cremation Provider?

It can be difficult deciding which cremation provider to use. There are many to choose from, and it can be complicated comparing prices and packages. What you want is a local cremation company that you can trust and afford. We’re confident we’ll meet all your criteria because so many families in the Houston area turn to us for the same motives: we’re privately-owned, dependable and affordable.

Seven excellent reasons for choosing CremationTribute.com

1. Our level of performance is outstanding

We guarantee an excellent service. Each staff member is trained to our profession’s highest standards and obliged to follow our own Code of Ethics. We do not outsource any of our services.

2. Our crematory is owned and operated by us

The latest equipment is installed in our private crematory, including an efficient tracking system. Since we have our own facilities, you can be certain the cremated remains you receive will be those of your loved one.

3. Our cremations are cheaper and quicker than those of a funeral home

Our direct cremations are an affordable alternative to traditional cremations. They also take place much faster than those arranged by funeral homes (usually within seven to ten business days of obtaining the necessary authorizations and permits).

4. Our cremations can be ordered online at your convenience

Arranging a cremation with us is very simple. Just go to our secure online cremation ordering system, select the package you want, customize it if you wish, and place the order. No need for an appointment, and no need to feel pressured into ordering something more expensive.

5. Our cremations can be customized

At CremationTribute.com, we like to offer people the chance to tailor our basic package because we understand that everyone’s needs are unique. Therefore, we have a wide range of quality urns and cremation keepsakes and jewelry that you can add to your order. We also provide personalized merchandise such as prayer cards, memorial folders and register books.

6. Our staff are considerate and polite professionals

Every one that works at CremationTribute.com is sympathetic, capable and knowledgeable. They understand that arranging a cremation is probably one of the hardest responsibilities you’ll have to assume, so they will strive to make the whole process as smooth and as painless as possible.

7. Our cremation packages don’t have hidden fees

We believe in absolute transparency. Therefore, our cremation packages are fully costed. You won’t discover as you’re about to pay that we charge extra for a standard service like transporting your loved one from A to B. In addition, you’ll get a cost breakdown before you pay, and the opportunity to remove or add any options to ensure the overall cost remains within your budget.

To find out more about our service, please call us on 844-677-7032.

To arrange a cremation for your loved one, go now to our Immediate Need page.

To pre-plan your own cremation, go to our Planning Ahead page.



Whenever you need us for advice or support, just pick up the phone. We’re available day and night, every day of the year. Your concerns come first with us, and we’ll always try to anticipate your needs.


Be assured we will treat your loved one with dignity at all times, from the moment we arrive at the place of death to the moment we return the ashes to you.


Grief and confusion are common emotions at this time, so expect us to take the time to explain the whole process to you and your family and to offer gentle guidance.


You won’t be surprised by hidden costs and you won’t be overcharged. Our basic package price really does include everything you need to carry out a simple cremation.


Your loved one will be attended to and positively identified throughout the entire process by our own certified crematory technicians. We guarantee the ashes you receive are those of your loved one.


Each member of our team is fully trained and required to work the high standards set out in our code of ethics and our procedure’s manual. They understand the need for attention to detail at every stage of the cremation.


All information about your loved one will be kept secure and disclosed only if required by law. Your loved one’s records will be filed on time, kept in a secure location, and made available to the authorities to ensure that we comply with the law.